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LINDE visits KMC Taicang to proceed a d istributorship appraisement. They plan to produce a portion of product in KMC and sent back to the Head factory in Garman for using. Roughly estimating, the annual demand can reach RMB 10 million.

@To press close to the quality concepts, methods and skills of Auto Industry and to conduct the enterprise into TS16949 which brings the various superiorities,
Such as:
•  Strengthen confidence.
•  Decrease the frequency of audit by the 2 nd Party.
•  Be contributive to upgrade present QA system.
•  Improve the quality of product and process.
•  Eliminate the request of re-auditing from the 3 rd Party.
•  Integrate the best experiences from worldwide Auto Industry.
•  Easily transform into ISO9001 format.
•  Reduce change and waste. Advance the efficiency of production line.
@KMC headquarters sets up a committee in KMC Taicang to follow out TS16949 and starts to proceed an internal certificate training course.
@To serve our customers who always support KMC, we expect to pass the certificate in most efficiency time and get the 1 st approval in January, 2010.

@According to the integration scheme of land administration in Taicang, the address of KMC Taicang is now changed to No.165, Zhenghe Middle Road, Lu Du Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China

@KMC has the honor to win the best distributorship medal from GRAND RIVER GROUP. There are 16 of 400 distributorships
won this award.
@KMC has been wining the best distributorship medal from GRAND RIVER GROUP for 14 years.
@Moreover, KMC wins quality-examination free prize as well. Only 9 of 400 distributorships win this award. KMC glories for this honor at as great depth.

@In February, Honda Japan joined the staffs of Honda-Shanghai in visiting KMC Taicang to sense the production and quality of O'ring Chain.
@In April, they come and revisit our factory. Obviously , Honda gives KMC a great positiveness.

@ FOXCONN places an urgent order in March.
This steps up the cooperation opportunities between FOXCONN and KMC substantially.
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